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What Are The Causes Of Premature Baby Birth?

According to indian escorts, Causes of premature baby birth have been researched for years to help doctors and families cope with this very common and sometimes devastating condition. Premature birth is defined as a birth before the 37th week of pregnancy. The causes of premature birth vary greatly and no single cause can be pinned down. However, a number of factors are known to contribute to the occurrence of premature birth.

A family history of premature baby birth is one of the major causes. Family medical histories show that if one or both parents have had previous births, then there is a greater likelihood of having a premature birth. Other causes can be due to certain health conditions including: genetic defects, maternal infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Causes of pre-term delivery can also be attributed to physical illness, drug abuse, obesity, smoking, birth control pills and certain medications taken by the mother during her pregnancy. Each of these has a higher risk of causing premature birth.

A number of factors affect the chances of premature baby birth. The length of time from conception until birth, the physical condition of the mother and the health of the baby all play an important role in determining when the baby is born. Less than Full Term babies have a higher risk of being born prematurely. Also, women who douche during their last trimester have a higher chance of delivering early than those who do not.

Genetics are a factor in the chances of premature birth. The premature birth of one of the sibling is more common than does the premature birth of the whole family. Premature baby birth occurs when the baby weighs below what would be expected for his/her age. This can be caused by a large tumor on the undeveloped fetus or due to the placenta being misshapen. Other causes of premature birth include long periods of underdeveloped lungs, a lung infection, preeclampsia, or being born before the 37th week of pregnancy.

Infections during delivery are a leading cause of premature baby birth. Infections such as bacterial infections, viral infections, fungi, or parasitic infections can cause the air passages of the child to become inflamed. Such infections can prevent the mother’s milk from containing sufficient antibodies. If such infections are present during the time of delivery, premature birth is likely.

Finally, smoking, alcohol use, drugs, or any other factors that adversely affect a woman’s health prior to, during, or after pregnancy may lead to premature birth. Indications of problems increasing in a woman’s health can be a prompt call to your doctor. In most cases, such problems can be treated adequately. Las vegas Indian escorts suggested However, if there is a real threat to the health of the baby, premature birth should be considered.


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