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Escorts point of view on Sex drive: how do men and women compare

Wild animals do it, birds do it, even big and small insects do it, likewise, men also do sex but when it comes to women, their perspective and desire differ a lot.


According to bbw escorts, On comparing men and women sex drive researchers found that men have a stronger sex drive. Studies show that male humans have a simple straight and stronger sex drive in comparison to women.


Women have complicated sex drive and dependant on environment and situations.

According to escort professionals, here are some factors on which sex drive of men and women differ these are:-


  • Thinking about sex:- From the starting of human mankind, men are more attracted to sex than women. According to professional las vegas bbw escorts, men think more about sex than women. Studies show that men have at least one sexual arousal per day and their sexual fantasies are more frequent and vivid.


  • Men seek sex more:- According to various studies and research conducted, men seek more sex than women, in-fact men want more sex than women no matter what stage of age or relationship is going on. Also, men are ready for more casuals sex.


  • Sexual turn-on:- Men have straight sexual turn-on as compared to women, according to an experiment conducted in the northwestern university; men have a high level of sexual arousal than women and woman’s sexual turn on differ from situation to situation. One reason for this is because men are rigid about their sexual preferences while women have fluctuating thoughts for sexual triggers.


  • Influence on sex drive:- The sex drive of men is sturdy and straight while in the case of women, social and cultural factors affect their sex drive. Women who attend spiritual conferences and church have a low sex drive, their sex drive also get influenced by the attitude towards sex positions, taboos, peer group, and less expressive nature about sex.


  • Route of sexual satisfaction:- Unlike men who masturbate when aroused sexually, women prefer less direct routes for sexual satisfaction which include proper arrangement, making the environment suitable, reading romantic novels or watching movies which reduce the amount of how much they satisfy themselves sexually in comparison to men.


  • Different orgasms:- Men orgasm and woman’s orgasm is very different. According to researches and sex drive patterns, on an average, it takes men just 4 minutes or less to get a full orgasm while women take about 12 minutes to get orgasm but only when they are stimulated correctly. Another research shows that man’s orgasm rate in comparison to a woman is 51% more.


  • Women are less responsive to drugs:- Medications can trigger sex drive more than women as men biologically have direct stimulation as compared to women. Thus medications or drugs to improve sex drives like Viagra and other drugs, have more effect on men than women.


These are the factors that determine how do men and women sex drives compare.



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